Fort Dodge Community School Disctrict



Iowa Central Competition


Welding - 2nd place GTAW: Austin Kuhlmann

Welding - 3rd place OxyFuel: Austin Kuhlmann

State Skills USA


Welding - 8th out of 56: Austin Kuhlmann                    * 2nd Highest Written test, 2nd Highest GTAW Score, 5th Highest Torch Score

Welding - 14th out of 56: Reid Cooper                          * 5th Highest Written Test, 4th Highest GTAW Score

Welding Sculpture - 1st: Erin Kleineweber                   * Skills USA National Qualifier

Power Equipment Technology - 2nd: Clint Dencklau

Iowa Industrial Technology Exposition


Welding Fabrication (Advanced Division) - Silver: Erin Kleineweber

$500 Scholarship Award (Creativity): Erin Kleineweber

Ultimate MPG - 14th out of 26: Reid Cooper                 * Reid welded the frame for the 2012 car 

Nationals Skills USA


 Welding Sculpture - 11th in the nation: Erin Kleineweber

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