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Science Sites

  Moon or Mars 8th Grade Webquest
  Middle School Hub
an online interactive learning center that features educational games, puzzles, quizzes, and spelling activities. It also includes subject guides for language arts, math, science, and social studies. The site contains no ads.
This site has activities and movies that make learning about health, science, and technology loads of fun.
  Butterfly Gardening
Instructions for starting and maintaining a butterfly garden, to attract our friends.
  Butterfly Web Site.Com
Includes scientific information and fun facts about butterflies.
  Enchanted Learning
A site featuring assorted science activities dealing with butterflies, human body, inventors, mammals, oceans, plants, rainforests, volcanoes, and other topics.
  Flights of Inspiration
All about aviation, the Wright brothers, and aircraft designs.
  International Space Station Expedition Three Crew Imagery
Color photos of sights seen by the crew, including some pictures of New York on September 11.
  Monarch Watch
At this site you can track the migration of monarch butterflies, from the north to the south and back. Also has information on raising, tagging, and releasing your own monarch butterflies.
  Nurture Nature
Includes field guides and online data--for school and fun. Over 5,000 species (from bird, to fish to plants), as well habitat information.
  The Solar System in Pictures
Includes information and pictures of the planets, as well as quizes to test your space IQ.
  Sue at the Field Museum
Read all about the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever found, see pictures of the museum unpacking and assembling the bones.
  Exploring Planets in the Classroom
This site contains hands-on science activities for inquiry learning developed by K-12 teachers in Hawaii through the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium. science, planets, space,
NASA KIDS is the place for kids interested in NASA or Space Exploration. Visit now where you can join the NASA KIDS Club and find out what is happening in the world of Space Exploration! science, space,
  Planetary Web Quest
You are a member of an international scientific team in charge of the first planetary colony in our solar system. Your team must analyze the different planets and decide on which planet to colonize.
  Planet Web Quest
You are an astronaut on a mission to another planet in our solar system. You will join a crew to gather information about your destination. When you become experts, you will voyage to this planet. After exploring it, you will contact Mission Control on Earth by cyber postcard to communicate your impressions and data.
  Space & Astronomy for Kids
Make the vast universe come alive in your classroom.
Whether it's shuttle missions or stars you are after, has a whole bunch of space-related resources and information.SpaceKids is a comprehensive space site that includes movies, photos, interactive games, space facts, and space mission news. space, solar system, planets, science,
  Windows to the Universe
Information is provided in three different levels Beginner, intermediate and advance making it an excellent resource for primary and secondary learners.
  See the Stars, Even Those You Missed
You can view the sky from anywhere on Earth, at any hour. Use this site as a reference, or see what the sky will look like in 2400!
The Hubble Space Telescope can photograph images from farthest space. Check pictures of exploding stars and black holes.
  Welcome to the Planets
This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.
  StarChild A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Space related resources and information.
  WebElementsTM Periodic table
Click on an element in the Periodic table to find out more information about it.
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