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Iowa's Healthy Kids Act

Sep 6, 2011

Iowa Healthy Kids Act: A message from Middle School Principal Dr. Joe Libby


September 2011


Dear Parent/Guardian:


The State of Iowa has recently mandated a law entitled the “Healthy Kids Act.” The purpose of the Healthy Kids Act is to establish physical activity requirements for students and to establish nutritional content standards for food and beverages sold on or provided on school grounds during the school day.  In order to comply with this act, school districts must ensure that students engage in physical activities for a minimum of 120 minutes per week in grades 5-12. The requirement can be met through Physical Education courses, student participation in school sponsored activities such as football, volleyball, marching band, etc.


The law further states that if a student is not involved in these activities, the school must work with parents to guarantee that students are involved in non-school activities that will yield the necessary time allotment for physical activities. Finally, the law states that districts may not reduce the instructional time of a student in order to meet the requirement.


At Fair Oaks and Phillips Middle Schools, Physical Education is offered for students; however, it is not offered every quarter. During the time your child is in Physical Education, the requirement of the law is fulfilled. During the quarters that your child is not in Physical Education, we are required to ask for documentation that your child is participating in a minimum of 120 minutes of physical activity each week. 


To help serve you better and make stronger connections to community activities that you and your student may take part in, we have included contact information to local businesses that sponsor and support our students and their healthy choices. Please feel free to contact any of these organizations to find out ways for your student to take part in their programs. 


Please help us comply with State of Iowa Healthy Kids Act by completing the student documentation form and returning it to your child’s Home Base / First Hour Teacher by September 13, 2011.


Thank you for your cooperation.




Dr. Joe Libby

Principal; FOMS, PMS




Files Available for Download

Student documentation form
Full text of Healthy Kids Act
Healthy Kids Act brochure
Physical Activity Rules
Iowa Department of Education - Healthy Kids Act















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