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  Student Health Form
This form is required at the start of each new school year.
  Medication Permission Form
This form must be signed by a parent so that medication may be administered at school
  Authorization - Asthma or Airway Constriction Medication Self-Administration
This form is required to be filled out and signed by a physician and parent if student needs to carry inhaler during the school day.
  Asthma Questionnaire
If your student has asthma
  Seizure Questionnaire
If your student has a seizure disorder.
  Allergy Questionnaire
If your student has a food allergy, a bee sting allergy, latex allergy, etc.
  Diabetes Management Plan
If your student has diabetes


  Asthma Action Plan Brochure
  Healthy Kids
  Cold vs. Flu
  Iowa Immunization Program
  Health Care Coverage for Uninsured Kids
  Fun Activities
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